Meta: How to increase the speed of the editor at Sitepoint

The editor in this forum is very slow, and I have a very powerful pc.

Anyone have any tips to increases the speed ? Is it possible to turn off the auto-spelling (I suspect that is part of the reason ?)

It is very annoying having to wait for the editor to update sometimes…

Any tips ?

neither do i, and the spelling i am doing myself

The browser is doing the spell-check ? I didn’t know - learning something new every day :slight_smile:

I tried to toggle the ‘switch editor mode’ button using the ‘full’ (not ‘quick’) reply, and it seems that this is working great.

I don’t know what the difference between the editor modes is, but I don’t care; it works perfect now !

Thanks again !

I don’t have this issue. But it doesn’t correct my spelling. Are you talking about the quick-reply box (under every thread), the “normal” one (page of its own) or both?

What browser? Have you tried others? I use FF3.6.7 and it works pretty well.

That’s your browser auto-spelling mode that is active for all text that you type into the browser - it has nothing to do with anything built into a specific site.

To turn it off go into Tools/Options and select the Advanced tab, then under General/Browsing remove the check next to “Check my spelling as I type”.

As far as I can tell the fields SitePoint provides for making posts are just ordinary textarea fields and so are no different in speed to textarea fields anywhere on the web.

As long as you don’t start pressing any of the buttons for generating the content of the textarea and just type it all in yourself it works at least as fast as textarea fields anywhere.

Even when you do go advanced and start pressing buttons it doesn’t take long to apply the appropriate tags around whichever part of the text you have selected.

Hmm…I’m using Firefox 3.6.8 - in Quick Reply, when I clicked the upper right button (switch editor mode), it seems to be much quicker - but the auto-spelling is still active ?

I don’t know what the difference is for the editor-mode, but switching it seems to help a lot.

I’ll try the same trick with the standard editor - hopefully it works fine as well.