Merging two lists

Can I merge two lists in my CSS, I want to do it in my CSS because I have separate media queries and I only want this to apply to one media query.

Hi keepStriving. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Could you give an example of what you mean? What does merging two lists mean? If possible, post a code example, as shown here:

I have two separate lists, one for navigation to external pages and on to internal points in page, both in separate navbars and I wish to have one list in a navbar which contains the main with sublist of the page underneath each page. I only want this to occur for one media query.

similar to this:

Without seeing your code, we can only give a general answer. You can group styles for common features in CSS. For example, if your first menu has a class of “first” and your second “second”, you can group common styles like so:

.first, .second {
  list-style: none; background: blue;
.first li, .second li {
  float: left; border: red;

… and so on.