Merging pictures in Illustrator

i’m a big time illustrator noob and need help

this is a site that i’ll reference my question from


at the bottom… where the wave is… how do you merge a picture brought into illustrator to make it smooth like that?

i can merge stuff in photoshop… but it’s pixelated

i’m having no luck editting gif’s or jpeg’s brought into illustrator

Illustrator is a vector based program.
Photoshop should be the program you’d want to use if you were ‘merging’ gif and jpegs and such. If I’m understanding what you’re saying, you want some waves along the bottom, and you then want a picture to go over the top and blend it in with those waves? If this is the case…

You would be better off creating said waves in Illustrator, then exporting those waves to a .psd(Photoshop) file. Then open that file in Photoshop, copy the image you want over the top of the waves on a new layer, then change the blending mode to something like multiply… you could even destaturate it first to get the colour right…

so i created the wave real quick and put a picture over it in photoshop

now how do you keep just the wave with the picture now inside of it without using the lasso. thats usually where my smoothness is lost

i dont know how to subtract the wave (with the picture inside) from the original picture

Photoshop can do that whole thing. Just draw the waves with the pen tool, and use it to mask the image you want inside it: When you have the shape layer of the wave, “clip” the image(s) into it by moving them above the shape layer and ALT-clicking in between the layers. It will indent the upper layer and clip it inside the lower shape!

let me know if that is relavent

how can photoshop do the whole thing? its not a vector based program

thats what i was trying to stay away from

i want a vector shape with a picture “inside” of it. but i need the picture clipped out to fit inside that shape.

if i use photoshop to do any clipping, merging, or subtracting… i’m going to have to use a some kind of tool in photoshop to select the vector shape… thus at that point i’m going to lose the smoothness

i used your idea bo5ton and multiplied with the image over it. but in the end… all the picture that is outside of the “vector” shape, cant be cut off without having to use some kind of tool. when i do that… THAT is where my object looks pixulated and ugly… thus loosing my smoothness

is there a tutorial out there that i can find that can show me how to do this? i’ve been looking… but i just cant type the right words for the search engine to find it

this is so frustrating

but thanks for the help so far!

No, Photoshop has vector tools, and they will stay sharp. Photoshop has raster and vector tools.

If you want TRUE vector use illustrator.

look at the pic – he doesnt need true vector, he needs two lines.


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