Merge data from database with data from webservice

I’m not too familiar with webservices, so I was wondering the following:

I’m receiving data from a webservice. I want to save this to the database, but first I have to compare it to the data that’s already there. I can get a recordset from the db and loop through it. But how should I compare it to the data from the webservice? Retrieve all the info from the service, put them in objects and create an equals method, and, if it doesn’t exist, add a new record? This seems to me, that’s the way to go, but since it’s, in my opinion, a common task, maybe there’s some object/method that does this automatically for me.

Well, you would have to get the data from the server, check for that in the database and insert. You can use a SqlDataReader, just make sure you have the correct indexes in place on the database and you should be fine.