Merge 2 wordpress sites together


I have a wordpress website and it has got some pages. One of the page’s name is “Blog”. Now when I click on “Blog” page, it should go to the another wordpress site page, with having same navigation links o first wordpress site.
To make it understand I have attached example of the website.
Example of the website:

On this website, when you click on Blog it will redirect you to this link:… Whis is another wordpress site…

How can I do this?
Please Help

Thank You

hello there,

the simple way, is to use the Wordpress where there is the Blog… you have to create a Static Front Page… where the Blog area still the same and you create a pages for the Other links… as your links are in .HTML in the end, you can use a plugin : (The plugin do the trick… BUT it was not updated since 2 years…)

Then follow this steps :