Merchandising Messages Based on Search Criteria


I’m trying to find a tool to help display merchandising messages (or any kind of message) on my Web site, but controlled externally via a tool/control panel.

It’s difficult to explain, and probably why I haven’t been able to find a tool to do the job so far.

I want to be able to display marketing messaging on a search results page, dependant upon the search criteria specified (defined in the URL as a set of parameters). In the past, I’ve always done this using jQuery (ie. "if page equals search results and “pets” parameter is equal to “more than 1” then show “pet marketing message”). This has always worked well, but I’m getting to the point where the sheer volume of these messages (and therefore “if” statements) is becoming too much and is going to start hindering the performance of the page.

As a result, I’m looking for an external tool that via a bit of Javascript on the page, will allow me to insert marketing messaging against a set of parameters. I’ve found plenty of personalisation tools that do a similar thing, but these are generally automated such as showing a customers name (ie. “Welcome Back, Jamie”) from some data it has gathered, or a recommended product that is determined based on some scoring algorthym). However, I need these messages to be static messaging, only showing if a certain set of criteria in the URL is matched.

Is anybody aware of such a tool?