Menu wont center

I try to center menu for . I used text-align: center; almost on any menu div or class i found but dont work. Can someone help ?

Hi gulejvladimiras,

I couldn’t find the menu you try to center.
All seems centered to me. :slight_smile:

Note: The page is in Lithuanian but the html language attribute is set to “en-US”,
why not use <html lang="lt-LT>, the page language is Lithuanian I guess?

yes,lithuanian,for me its left

You need to override two {float:left} properties.
line 3026

.navbar-nav {
    float: left;
    margin: 0;
line 3029

.navbar-nav > li {
    float: left;
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oh thanks cat,it works :relaxed:


You’re welcome! cat-sm

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Yes, now can see it. On your screenshot. :wink:

On a mobile I would have seen the hamburger, but I’m on a desktop here.
Contrary to mobile users, desktop users might have javascript restricted, that’s not so rare.

Friendly speaking; Why hide the menu for those users? I for one, usually have javascript (and more) disabled on the first visit, and if I was looking for web service, I wouldn’t trust a site where the navigation was made dependent on javascript.

Thanks @ronpat for stepping in so quick. :slight_smile:


Not my theme, didnt know that, and dont know how to do it :smiley:

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