Menu under Slider -Need Guru Please

I’m stumped, I have a NivoSlider over my dropdown menu.
Mega Drop Down Menu
I’m lost as to where to fix this with z-index.

I know the dropdown works, because if I remove the div with the slider the page and menu works.

I wish and hope someone can help me with my problem.

The site is critical for a menu and slider to work. I styled the nivoSlider and don’t want to abandon it.
Images are placeholders until functionality works.
I will also be crediting sources when this project is complete.

Hi trikkeguy. Welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

I can’t get your dropdown to work even with the other elements disabled. Does the dropdown work on a page of its own?


Thanks for looking into it…

Hmm, looks to me like a JavaScript conflict. The first thing I’d suggest is to clean up the script links. At the moment, they are a bit all over the place. You have at least two links to the jQuery library, which shouldn’t be the case. I’d recommend you pull out all of the JS and place it at the bottom of the page (just before the closing </body> tag), and make sure the Google jQuery link comes first in the list and only appears once.

Yeah, definitely looks like a .js issue (hint: it’s “never” z-index).

I notice you have jquery.js and then jquery.1.4.3.js, why both versions? Also, make sure you are using the latest versions of everything (or better yet, check documentation to ensure PROPER (compatible) version is used.

Advice: don’t be married to nivo menu-if it doesn’t jive with your site, or the way you think, or the way you want to use it, try something else. There are plenty of neat jquery menus out there…