Menu Structure being Google Friendly

I use Lmsoft Webcreator Pro 6 and often wonder whether the menu structure is good for seo. When I highlight on other websites menus I see the link come up at the bottom left of the screen but not on my websites.
Any thoughts on that?

[font=calibri]I don’t think that’s necessarily a problem. I’m often puzzled as to why some links don’t display a destination URL on :hover but it doesn’t mean there’s a problem with the page.

The key test is … if you turn off Javascript, can you still use your menu to navigate to any page you want to? If yes, you’re absolutely fine. If not, it may need further investigation…[/font]

Unless you spamming nothing is bad for seo.

Menu design is never an issue but putting duplicate links would not helps for seo. There are many website who are ranking good with bad menu desgin. GOogle consider on content and links more than the desgin though UI is also one case.

Never mind about many go for content and link building for SEo.

Thanks for the feedback guys!