Menu second level hover effect to reflect on the parent

When I move away my mouse to the sub menu items the background effect goes away. When sub menu items of Klub has mouse over it I want the the menu item Klub to have the same background color as it’s sub menus have… Any ideas?


Can you give us a live URL to the page (even if it’s only on a development site)? It will be easier for us to pick out which bit of code you need to change that way rather than trying to second guess what code you might have!

As Stevie said above we’d need the specific code for your example but this effect is usually achieved by changing the top level background colour on hover of the list element rather than the anchor.

You are probably saying something like :

#nav li a:hover {background:red}

When what you need is to say:

#nav li:hover > a {background:red}

That means that when the list is hovered change the background of the child anchor which means it will stay highlighted while you also hover the nested list.