Menu no longer bolded?

Hey, I’ve noticed that the last few days, the menu you see when logged in (MySitepoint, etc) is harder to read. Developer tools show that there’s still CSS stating its font-weight as bold, but it’s no longer bold. It’s been bothering me enough that I decided to ask if this was some accidental setting? Text-enlarge helps, but not as much as bold text.

It’s boldfaced for me (Opera 10.50/WinXP). Do you have a user CSS that overrides the author style sheet?

Looks the same to me too, Firefox 3.6/Win XP.

Hm, interesting response… suggesting there’s something wrong on my end. No, I don’t have a user style sheet (I’m too lazy to bother changing other people’s sites).

But it’s not my browser: my others do it too. I should check in the VB though…

This is FF:
This is Opera:

They used to look much whiter and bolder… like, last Friday.

*edit all my browsers here on Ubuntu show it unbolded… but Windows shows it fine. So, answers my question, it’s not on SitePoint’s side.


That doesn’t even look like the same font I have. Here’s a screenshot from Opera.

Aha, I figured out what happened:

I needed Tahoma font for Gimp, and over the weekend downloaded an imitation for Debian. The first font in the font stack here at SP is “tahoma” and apparently I don’t have the bold version of it… whereas I used to view in Verdana as I had dl’d the msttfcorefonts long ago.

Damn, I’ve never had to write my own user stylesheet, but looks like I’ll have to in order to get the menu more comfortable for me eyes : ( by somehow setting the font family back to Verdana or one of the Unix fonts.

*edit Ah, much better. : )