Menu float to the right


anyone can tell why when you hover on the third button menu from the left the submenu float to the right edge ?



The droopdown menu has no stacking context to go from so it just appears whereever :). The parent <li> needs position:relative set so that the position:absolute dropdown <ul> has somewhere to base its’ position off of :).

Try adding in the following changes

#access ul ul
right:auto;/*reset this. you can't have this set*/
#access .menu-header li, li
top:0;/*why is this set? Make it 0*/
#access .menu-header li li, li li
position:static;/*reset it for dropdown <li>*/

hi ryan

thanks for your reply
now it a bit twisted to the right and i can’t hover or choose from the sub menu items.

by the way it’s a wordpress theme
i have style.css and rtl.css active together

Are you sure you’re doing all of my code? I am testing it now and it works. The dropdown works. Its positioned (what I feel to be correct) :).