Menu element

Why haven’t I seen the <menu> element before?

Why does everyone recommend people markup the menu’s in <ul>'s if there’s a <menu> tag for that?
Because it can’t contain block level elements validly?

I found it was deprecated on another page in the reference…
Then re-instated in HTML5 - standards are funny old things.

strange, I too found it to be deprecated

but it’s in html5


<menu> Is To Be Used For A List Of Commands And Is An Interactive Element And More Likely To Be Used Exclusively In Web Applications.

The <menu> tag was deprecated, as it wasn’t felt to be particularly useful. It does not work consistently across different browsers, and it is not advisable to use it - <ul> does the job perfectly OK.

In HTML5, there will be a new <nav> element that adds the semantics of a navigation menu to the structure of a list.

Stevie, then why is the menu tag in the html5 spec? check my links above?

Ok, so in HTML5 <nav> for navigation, <menu> for things like a toolbar. Sounds pretty straight-forward to me.