Menu Bar Help

Wondering if someone can help me with menu bar javascript.?

I have a menu bar of -> Home, Services, Safety, About Us, Links, Contact Us

Each one is a .gif. I have two sets, one red and one blue.

I want the Red one showing given when menu has been selected. The rest should be blue.

When the index is loaded Home is always selected so that should be red, but if I go to the other items it should be Blue.

I have just an index. the page content changes using javascript.

I have an onclick on the img tag but all that does is flip it from blue to red and red to blue.

If the div id = any of the menu items that one should be red and the rest blue.

$(“#common_contentwrapper”).html($(“#”+option).html()); this is the line of code used to switch the page text. it is all hidden when the page is loaded.

What about css ?
a:active { background-image:url(‘red.gif’); }
a:hover { background-image:url(‘red.gif’); }
a:link { background-image:url(‘blue.gif’);}
a:visited { background-image:url(‘blue.gif’); }