Membership table?

Im trying to set up a table for members for my rotary club but need some advice.
I think this is a good start

Member_ID INT(5) autonumber PRIMARY KEY,
Member_Name VARCHAR,
Member_Pic VARCHAR,
Member_Bio TEXT,
Member_Since DATE,
Member_Occupation VARCHAR,
Member_Phone VARCHAR,
Member_Email VARCHAR,
Member_Faceebook VARCHAR,
Member_Twitter VARCHAR,
Member_Linkedin VARCHAR,
Member_Youtube VARCHAR,
Member_Website VARCHAR,
Member_Classification VARCHAR,
Member_Achievements VARCHAR

Im pretty sure thats all the info I need to know about each member. Is this correct how I set this up or is there a better way?

I would suggest splitting the member’s name into 2 columns for first and last name.

this will make it easier to search for users with a given last name later on.

i would not stuff “Member_” at the front of every column name

and of course you must supply lengths for all the VARCHARs

whether any columns are missing, i wouldn’t know, as i am not familiar with how the members of a rotary club rotate (or whatever it is they do)


ok, its been changed to;

First_Name VARCHAR(20),
Last_Name VARCHAR(25),
Pic VARCHAR(10),
Bio TEXT(1000),
Active_Since DATE,
Occupation VARCHAR,
Phone VARCHAR(15),
Email VARCHAR(50),
Faceebook VARCHAR(20),
Twitter VARCHAR(20),
Linkedin VARCHAR(20),
Youtube VARCHAR(20),
Website VARCHAR(25),
Classification VARCHAR(30),
Achievements VARCHAR(20)

And seems ok,
I do have a few questions though…

  1. the Bio column, is that the right datatype as some idiot might put his height (number) into it or something… so what would you recommend?

  2. On the Active_Since column, the date is stored in the table in YYYY-MM-DD format right?

yep, that looks better.

the data types look ok but you would have a better idea of the actual data going into the table than I would.

the only other suggestion I would make is assuming some of those columns will be storing urls, maybe consider widening them a bit more.

^ Agree those facebook url’s can be quite long

not exactly, but for practical purpose, it doesn’t hurt to think of it in those terms

date values have to go into the table in year-month-day sequence, but they can be displayed in whatever format you like in a query