Member Titles, what's up with that?

If you became a member after the SitePoint forum moved to Discourse, you may have noticed that some members have Titles next to their member name but that you don’t. :frowning:

The former vBulletin forum had several member Titles and gave some members the abilty to use a Custom Title.
When member accounts were migrated from vBulletin to Discourse, their member Titles came with them.

For example, besides the Custom Titles, you might see:

  • SitePoint Addict
  • SitePoint Enthusiast
  • SitePoint Evangelist
  • SitePoint Guru
  • SitePoint Member
  • SitePoint Wizard
  • SitePoint Zealot

I’ve had a custom title for so long I’ve forgotten.

Can anyone describe just what criteria needed to be met for each of the above?

Brownie points to the first to get them all correctly :wink:

Newer members hoping to also have a Title don’t despair, yes, you can have one !

Discourse does things differently so I’ll try to explain.
If you go to your Profile page, on the left you should see Badges(a #), click on that and you’ll see all the Badges you have been awarded.
Some (but not all) of these can be used as a Title.
If you go to your Profile Preferences, go to Title, and click on Edit (the pencil icon) any of the Badges that you have been awarded that can be used as a Title will appear in a dropdown select. Choose one and you now have a Title.

Note, if you already have a vBulletin Title doing this is most likely not reversible, so think about it before you do it.

Rank Title Posts Pips

SitePoint Member 0 None
SitePoint Enthusiast 25 1 Blue Pip
SitePoint Zealot 100 2 Blue Pips
SitePoint Addict 200 3 Blue Pips
SitePoint Evangelist 400 4 Blue Pips
SitePoint Guru 600 5 Orange Pips
SitePoint Wizard 1000 6 Orange Pips
SitePoint Wizard 10000 7 Orange Pips

Cumulative Bonuses

25 posts - Custom Avatar
200 posts - Custom Title

There you go. The first set of numbers is hte post count.


Not sure that I am swallowing that list there partner.

I have 125+ posts now and it still says that I am just a “Sitepoint Member”. What’s a Pip as in Blue Pip?

This is from the old forum, as Mitt mentioned. They are not applicable here. You’d have …arrows next to your user. Kinda like in the army how you have stripes (more stripes === more distinguished)

In the old days (not so long ago lol ) this is how a profile used to look

As you can see, he had some pips… and the number and title depended on the number of posts. Although titles could be changed and write anything you wanted to

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That Title is from the posts you made when the forum was vBulletin i.e. 19 posts
The posts you’ve made here at Discourse weren’t counted (because they didn’t exist yet)
The posts made at vBulletin that were migrated to Discourse will add to post count here (some of the older posts were not migrated but changed to static pages instead)

Yep I got that part.

I was just following the instructions to see if it were possible. Apparently I am still missing a badge or two or three. LOL

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Do I get the “special” brownie points for completing the task? Could use some right about now.

My mistake. As a Mod I see Title inputs, and forgot that the Title option doesn’t appear in the profile until there is a Badge or more that can be used as one.

So far AFAIK Badges that can be used as Titles include
And the various 2013 Community Awards (though these might be changed to “Former Community Award Winner” at some point. @HAWK would be the one to know about that.

You sure do !
BTW, do you see the Title option on your Profile page OK?
Reminder, don’t try it unless you’re willing to risk losing billycundiff{float:left;}

I see the option, yes. I see no reason to lose my billycundiff text though. Especially after his repeat performance vs the Ravens (my team) a few weeks ago where he hooked ANOTHER wide left kick (against the same team he was ON when he became infamous for the hooked kick!) LOL

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So there’s no way to get a custom one then?

I feel naked without my ‘of the Dead’; Was hoping to add it in as a title.

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Done, but only because you’re ex-staff. :slight_smile:


woo hoo! Nepotism!


So… ahem… Could I be fussy and annoying and ask you to make the ‘of the’ in all-common letters (So it’d read, ‘Shaun of the Dead’)? I have gammar-nazi tendencies.

I promise when next you need some great advice, I’ll happily offer my services!

@HAWK , you have him RIGHT where you want him. You can get more out of him for this.


Is this what you meant?

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You know that occurred to me too? You could really mess with someone with that!

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It is!



I love that emoticon :slight_smile: