Member login logs

Hi, this is probably a very simple question for you guys. I have a website and in the admin section, I have member’s login track/log. It keeps a record every time someone logs into their account and logs back out.

  1. Will this take up unnecessary disk space?, especially if I have alot of people logging in and out of the site?

2)Do you recommend that I keep this log?

3)If I delete these entries in my admin section, will this also delete it from the disk space? and delete it completely from my database? or does it simply remove it from displaying in my administration section, but it still remains in my database and disk space?


That depends. If you find the feature itself to be unnecessary, then it will take up unnecessary disk space :wink:
Seriously though, it will take up disk space, but most likely it won’t be a whole lot.

That also depends. If you find the log useful you can keep it. If not you can ditch it. There’s nothing against having such a log really.

That depends on the application. Most likely it will, but I can’t be sure without having seen the code.