Mega menu not getting triggered

The page in question is:

I am trying to incorporate Adobe’s Accessible Mega Menu ( but the sub-menu does not appear when you roll over “Movies” or “TV.” I did get it to work on just a plain page ( and I’ve included the same code in my test page, so I’m thinking there must be something in the test page that is conflicting with the menu’s JavaScript/jQuery.

If anyone has a keen eye and can help, I would appreciate it!


Just a shot in the dark, but could it be the jQuery version? You are using an older one on the main site.

Thanks for the response! I tried stripping out the old version and just using the jQuery included in the instructions for the menu, and it’s still not working.

The old version is still in there (line 21) which could cause a conflict. Anyhow, not sure if this was the case before, but now the browser is saying it can’t find the megamenu script, so make sure the path is correct and that it’s actually in place. This is giving a 404:

<script src=“js/jquery-accessibleMegaMenu.js”></script>

Thanks, I found it and see that it’s 1.7 and it’s getting loaded first since it’s higher in the code. This is code that my CMS outputs, so I’ll see about either removing it, or updating it if it doesn’t break something else.

I’ve also put in the full path to the JS file. I’ll experiment with the jQuery and report back. Thanks for your time!

I tried updating the jQuery file that is being referenced, but then I noticed other elements on the site were not working, so I had to revert.

Also, even upgrading to 1.11 didn’t fix the mega menu problem. :frowning: Thank you for the suggestion…it’s always worth a try!

Perhaps in your test page, see if te menu works with jQuery 1.7, and if it does, remove the second jQuery link. Worth a try, anyhow.