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Hi there!

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Where are you from? What are you currently working on? Do you have your own online business ?

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

My name is Casey E. Palmer; I’m up in Toronto, Ontario.

When I’m not doing my day job, I’m working on improving my web design and development knowledge so I can create websites that reflect the visions I have for my different ideas. I’ve been developing sites for about 15 years, but having been self-taught, I learned haphazardly. Reading SitePoint books has helped me correct a lot of the messed up coding I was doing before.

I write a daily blog which will be going through re-branding soon: 2K11 24/7 - Doomz tackles a major challenge. A year at a time with daily updates!

I’m getting married in five weeks

And I have a number of business ideas that I’m working on and hoping to launch in early 2012.

And that’s me in a nutshell!

Hey Casey,
It’s nice to meet you. Welcome.

Hi Casey,

Welcome to the forum.

Hello all!

I’m Lenny and I am a freelancer currently located in Puerto Rico and I help individuals and small businesses with their web presence, providing almost and all around type of basic solution for Internet newcomers.

I can be reached at, a place that is constantly evolving as I see fit, nothing much to see there atm though.

Can I learn more about the advisers background here? and if some run their own businesses, other than being Sitepoint employees, it would be great to get the business vibes flowing. :smiley:

Looking forward to learn tons here and success to y’all!


I’m Nichole and I am a web designer from Brisbane, Australia.

I have been freelancing full time for over a year now and figured it was time to take a step back and work on the business for a bit and get some proper processes in place.

@CaseyPalmer - best of luck with the wedding! I’m getting married next year :slight_smile:

Thank you so much :slight_smile: It’s only 9 days away now, so we’re really working on the final details! It’s insane!

Hi all, I’m Eoin, hope the wedding went well for the above. Sorry I’m a bit late with that one!

Are there any success stories flying about?

Hi, I’m Erica, I do freelance web design in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. I’m new here on these forums and just bought the Web Design Kit 3.0 last night. I’ve been freelancing since 2007 doing general web design and hosting client websites, but recently I’ve decided to give my business a reboot. Now I would like to concentrate on specializing in WordPress web design and hosting. My passion tends to lean more in this area and WordPress has a very promising future.

I have also taken an interest in blogging, I’m writing a book so I would love to share my experiences with others who are self-published authors, hopefully I can build some kind of community around it and make some passive income.

Hi and welcome to the forum Erica :wave:

I hope that you’ll have a great time and that you will reach your goals :slight_smile:

Hello, just signed up today… Thanks to Sitepoints fantastic Christmas book deals :slight_smile: I’m not a web dev or a developer, I’m actually an Electric Engineer who works on an Oil Rig. This all started out as an interest and crew into a hobby, now it’s at the point I want to change my career (after 25 years on the rigs!) and spend some more time at home. I first put a web site online in 1996, but like my programming in 1982 (Apple II and UK101) I just didn’t see a future in it. So trying to re-cover those lost years now.

No doubt I’ll be asking some stupid questions :slight_smile:

Can I say that there is no stupid questions but stupid answers? And I can provide a few of those myself! :lol:

Welcome to the group, Mike :smiley:

Hello all, I’m Pauline & I’ve been designing websites for about 6 years, orginally from Melbourne. I’m thinking about changing
direction so I apologise in advance if my questions sound silly.

Welcome, Pauline :wave:

Hey guys!
Nice to see this section growing!
I will try to stick around it more frequently! :slight_smile:
You can learn about me by clicking on some links in my signature (e.g. Twitter, [URL=“”] page etc…)