Media Temple - Grid-Service

General Features - 9/10
PHP/MySQL, great web admin panel (best Ive seen). PHP/MySQL are old version tho (both version 4.somethings)

Reliability - 10/10

Never had an issue

Customer Support - 6/10
Can take up to 3 days to respond to a support request, which isn’t good enough in my opinion. Responses are good though

Pricing - 10/10
Very reasonable price - $20/month

Space - 8/10
The alloted 100GB is fine

Speed - 8/10
No real problems, not super fast but good

Bandwidth - 8/10
The alloted 1TB is fine

SUMMARY 9.5/10
The Good
Perfectly stable, ample space and bandwidth, and great control panel

The Bad
Would like PHP/MySQL updated, and Support is way too slow.

I would recommend Media Temple

well when there is reliability … it’s better than support!

if you count on a scale … reliability is more important

Exactly. Two of my sites were extremely slow last week and their answer was everything works on their end. When I told them that I am not the only one and people in different countries can’t access the site they finally looked into it.

Email support is very slow, so if you have a problem give them a call. works a lot faster.

Thanks, Matt!



So maybe this means reliability is more important to you than support? interesting.

Thanks for the review, I’m considering these guys for my next endeavor.

When you say it takes up to 3 days to respond to a support request, I’m assuming you are sending them an email rather than calling them up on the phone. Is this correct?

Their website claims that average hold times for calls is under 2 minutes. If this is true, why not call them for help?

Thanks for this review.

I too am curious about the support issue.

I am with them on a Grid Server and to be honest its not any better than my other a/c on hostgator… I expected with the double the price it to run like a Ferrari but its not really worth the extra price…

Also if you google Media Temple coupons you can find a 20% discount so it comes down to $17 / mth… still over prices for me… but I think if you run a site that requires alot of grunt then Media Temple might be the place to be.

Yeah, I’ve heard great things as well:)

Heh, I know this thread is more than 2 months old, but I rarely look in this section, but just wanted to put my two cents in about (mt)

I use their grid service to run an SMF forum, a few client sites running WP or Joomla, and I’ve only good things to report.

  1. The forum was on an old shared hosting account, and even though it sees low activity it was constantly plagued by timeouts and general bad service. The speed on the grid service is more than adequate for my forum and I’ve rarely encountered a problem.

  2. Advance warning of possible problems from mt is superb, unlike my other previous host who would simply post another article in their wiki when maintenance was being scheduled.

  3. Any service-wide problems or outages are jumped on and an email is promptly sent to customers with good information & a timescale for recovery. Again this was not the case at a previous host I used.

  4. Never needed to contact support because their documentation is good and usually things run without a problem (for example when I had to roll-back a database on the old host, I had major issues and lousy support) on mt things like this are a breeze and it is the same installing any scripts… things just seem to go right… rather than go wrong. (Layman’s terms, I know :slight_smile: )

Anyway, that’s just my input on this - hope that helps anyone making a decision.

[QUOTE=matthewjumps;3940045]General Features - 9/10
PHP/MySQL, great web admin panel (best Ive seen). PHP/MySQL are old version tho (both version 4.somethings)

Reliability - 10/10

Never had an issue

I’d counter that, I’ve had a lot of problems with their GS storage cluster, see the historical support tickets regarding this. That said their AS product is fantasic if rather more expensive (circa $120 pm).

Iv heard a lot about Media temple as well.
they seem to be good and reliable.
and also provide Basic aswell as advanced solutions to users.
on first impression,MT seems to be mindbogglingly expensive,but they arent.
they provide solutions for small and medium business and Personal enterpreneurs as well.

Thanks for your POV, Andy. This definitely does help out.

I have read recent reviews on others forums and site, and seems like a good deal.
It’s like improved shared hosting.

I know this is an old thread, but its all still relavant… But wondered about more recent opinions of MediaTemple in general?

Everyone still having a good experience with them a few months on?

I’m nearly ready to choose my next hoster and it all seems to be pointing at MediaTemple right now… But would like to hear some more recent opinions.


I have a site on Wordpress on Media Template and although it’s been reliable, I dont see why it is any better than Hostgator or Dreamhost. The speeds are pretty similiar based on my experience so why pay more. Then again, the site is low traffic site. So maybe it handles high traffic sites better. But I wasnt that impressed.

I am a current MT customer, on their Grid Service plan. I’ve been a customer of theirs for a few years. At first, their service was great, and in many ways, it still is. However, for the past 6 months or more, my sites and emails are down SEVERAL TIMES PER WEEK. They have many excuses, but have never once helped me to at least get some sort of refund for the massive amount of downtime I’ve experienced.

A year ago, I would completely recommend MT. Now, I unfortunately cannot. In fact, right now, my sites (and all my customers’ sites) are down, including my emails. Basically meaning, I cannot conduct my business. Overall, MT has cost me alot of money, business, and un-needed stress.

Hate to be the only bearer of bad news here, but I figured y’all should know this from a current (extremely frustrated) customer.

I’m going to check out other hosting providers now.

Spoke w/ Jerry over at MT, and he was very helpful and will be assisting me on moving my sites to a different cluster. The cluster I’m on apparently has the bulk of problems, which may be why some people have no (or very little) problems w/ down time. As usual, the customer service at MT is very friendly and helpful, however I needed to “threaten” legal action to get them to jump. I hope this switch-over will ease my MT woes, but we’ll see. I know not to get too hopeful :slight_smile:

I agree gfunk… I have now left MT as I thought the service would be better for the price paid… but to be honest I get better quality from Hostgator these days… I think MT put too many clients on the the one server and all you need is one bandwidth hog to pull all the sites down.

I love mediaTemple, their GS service has had its occasional issues with reliability (and they are slightly more pricey then its competition) but their control panel, upgrade paths and overall service is so much better than anything else I have used. Simply put… I trust (mt) and have nothing but good things to say about them.

MediaTemple is crap. I get an SQL error just about every day.