Me on drums: what do you think?

Let me introduce myself a little bit more on this community. I recently made a video of me on drums and I’m gonna post it, so you’ll judge me if you want. :smiley:
That’s one of my hobbies. I love music and I also write songs and music pieces in my free time. Then I also develope websites (even if I’m not a super professional). Anyway, here is the video:

what do you think?! :wink:


Sounds good!!! :smile:

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You are good ! :smile:

I love music too, basically I play Piano,maybe I will post few demos :smiley:

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Thank you guys!

Yeah, post something too! I’ll be happy to listen to it!

At least you can keep a beat - could have done with you last saturday :slight_smile:

Rock on :sunglasses:


you rock buddy!

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Danke! :smiley:

Hah! That’s cool!

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You sound cool!!!

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Here is one of my demo, piano version of one song :smile:


Great performance!
Just put a great vocal on it and it will be awesome!


I can tell you that… I can’t play drums at all :smile:

It sounds great

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Danke! I really appreciate your great comments guys!
They made me proud of myself, as I learned to play drums completely by myself (initially, when I had a band, and we were taking a break from rehearshal, I was the only one remaining in the room playing drums alone -drummer’s drums-, just for fun!).

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Good :slight_smile:
bravo :+1:

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hey is this the reason… you are member of the week… coz you play so well…

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