.me confusion

I am trying to register a .me domain for my personal website/blog. Godaddy says that .me is a “all about me” domain designed for uses with blogs/personal websites.

I went to wikipedia and they told me that .me is the top level domain for the country Montenegro.

So who is lieing?

All the two character top level domains belong to specific countries. The .me top level domain belongs to Montenegro. As they don’t have a use for it within Montenegro itself they have made it available for people from anywhere to use it with most of the registration fee ending up in Montenegro. People can therefore use the .me domains belonging to Montenegro to create their “all about me” sites in the same way that people can use the top level domain belonging to Tuvala for all their television related sites(where Tuvala makes money from allowing that use of their .tv domains).

I wonder why GoDaddy passes it off to be a blog domain. I have a fear of registering those domains from other countries. Because what happens to my website if that country stops servicing the .me domain?

I know that com is safe.

You should go for .name
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new-designer, Firstly both of them are correct… felgall has suitably explained the relationship that the country of origin has in reference to allowing .me domains to be used in terms of a “word” (all about .me). The reason why places like GoDaddy suitably represent it for blogging and such sites is because the government of the country in question have deliberately marketed their domains for that reason. There is no reason not to register domains in countries like Montenegro because as long as there are no restrictions on their use, you are entitled to that domain for the duration of the paid and agreed purchase period. I have never heard of a domain name extension suddenly disappear off the map without very long term knowledge and weaning people off it onto alternative TLD’s, in fact if a country did suddenly change it’s policy I expect ICANN would intervene on behalf of the customers (for the benefit of the web’s integrity). The right to have a TLD is given on a matter of “faith” between the nation and the regulatory bodies. Montenegro would have no reason to suddenly turn a 180 on the agreement anyway, they make money from the sale of domains (through their resellers) - so arguably it would be foolish to tighten the registration process. :slight_smile:

That do not depend on the domain name registrar if that ccTLD. Each CCTLD domain name have registration rules and that can depend on the country not on the domain name registrar. If that is general web site you can use any TLD domain name instead

well, i don’t think this is correct, as we all know, you don’t need to worry about this, all registered domain names will be accreditted by ICANN.

Actually you are wrong, ICANN only regulate the gTLD’s, they do not control nor acredit any ccTLD based domain.

Those are the sole responsibility of the nominated organization whom assigns registrations (for each nation). :slight_smile:

The two character TLDs are definitely controlled by the countries that they were allocated to. While it is unlikely that small countries that have made their TLD available to those outside the country would reclaim it for internal use that does remain a possibility.

There have been lots of comments in the news lately about Tuvala wanting those countries that have caused the global warming problems to be the ones that take action to fix it. Imagine how much more publicity Tuvala could get to promote their case if they reclaimed their TLD and pointed all of the domains on it to a page about their stand on global warming.

While that is a possibility it’s highly unlikely they would do that, at best Google would notice that all the domains are redirecting to a single location and would bury all the other’s as generic content (though on that kind of scale it would probably filter out that TLD all together from search results). Tuvala would only get traffic in respect to bookmarks (which would soon disappear if such an event occurred as people tend to be more aware of keeping their websites free of dead links). :slight_smile:

What’s wrong with .com or other popular extension which are being used for personal website/blog too?

There is nothing wrong with using those extensions, no-one said there was. The generic .com TLD will always be the most popular option as it has the higher public awareness however that is no reason to avoid using a ccTLD like .me if the occasion arises for using it :slight_smile:

Given the current situation in Tuvala they are probably more interested in finding a source of scuba gear with a lifetime air supply than in worrying about whether their TLD lives on after they sink below the sea.

.me is a fantastic extension and its an actual tld because montenegro allowed it to be so. - check out this one :wink: The Sh**

its a great extension to make fun blogs and sites like there were at the dawn of the net, theres still alot of them available so people should get on one and make a fun site before they legitimately take off!

facebook recently registered fb.me. The quickest way to get to facebook now is by typing fb.me into your browser.

.me is one of the best made extensions next to .com in my opinion, it has alot of potential in terms of being a tld and being brandable/ memorable.