Mdb file to mysql

Hi all,

I have a large mdb file, which I want to upload to the server (linux) and store the data from it to my MySql database using a PHP program. As Linux server does not support Access files, how can I make it possible ? How can I convert mdb file to csv using PHP ? Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

Can’t you just export the data to csv from Microsoft Access?

No it is not possible because I am using Linux server. I need to convert it using PHP code.


I think he means from your desktop convert it to CSV from MS Access. Seriously there are easier ways to do things then try and make some program in PHP when the original application can do it already.

Thanks for the reply. …But I need to convert it from the server itself.


I used this program and it worked great for me.

I need a php file which can be used in Linux (working in Linux platform). I need to read mdb file and store the data to MySql.


can you give us some more details?
i am not getting why you want to store mdb files in onething convert mdb files to mysql using ‘JeffGSR’ method and write a mysql query using the problem solved

Hi !
I am Brazilian.
Excuse me, I don’t speak english. But I need help.

“I need a php file which can be used in Linux (working in Linux platform). I need to read mdb file and store the data to MySql” too.

I use linux server and I can’t to use program out web for read the mdb file.

You understand??

Thank you so much.


OK, download the ADODB.
Documentation @

The ADODB package has drivers available for .mdb files. I presume you can back this .mdb file up from your linux server. Ftp your database back up file to your server, then open using the ADODB package. Read a line and write it to your MySQL database. If you need a ready to run solution post your database table layout to this thread and someone will cut you the working code.

Thanks for help me. :slight_smile: don´t open.

But, I need read .mdb file in the server, in the web.
I don´t have the access database in the server.
I only have the .mdb file and I can´t to modify it before the sending.
I can’t use softwares in the machine, I think in to use PHP script, but I don’t know I eat to develop it.

This process of reading will have every day to be executed automatically in the server for to bring up to date MySQL db.

Help me, please…

You cannot do anything since you are reluctant to follow the instructions people are giving you.

Talk to your host about installing the software you need the hire a developer that knows what he/she is doing.

Or stop using MS Access have it export a CSV or something not an MS file format.


I just tried it again and it worked fine. The article there tells you all you need to know.