Maybe im going blind...but is Zen Photo (php) script slightly desaturating images?

i have these two pages


the first is called zen photo , a php script

the second a jquery gallery. When i pull the two screens as close to overlapping as i can get it seems to me that zenphoto is slightly desaturating the image…

has anyone experienced something like this before…what am i missing?


I’m not seeing differences on my monitor. Dell U3011.

maybe this is a better example…

if i look at the birds eye in both

it is orange in the jquery gallery

and not quite orange in the php

but then again it could just be my monitor?

Yes I can see one eye is yellow and the other orange. Looking at the Zenphoto website you may be able to use Imagick and I would try resizing either within the website or using an external test page.

so here is zenphoto using imagemagick

compared to zenphoto with no imagemagick

there is no difference in the color…its still desaturated

as for the image resizing being done on my site…im pretty sure it is…would this affect the color?

It could be anything as you do not know what settings zenphoto is using for GD or Imagick; it could be a colour profile. I suggest you post on a zenphoto forum and see what they say. Can you upload an unaltered image and PM me a link ?