May 2012 Member of the Month

Congratulations TehYoyo.

I do know who Yo-yo Ma is, but for whatever twisted reason, my brain always reads yo mama.

lol…most people do.

++ yup

Congratulations Yoyo :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone :smiley:

Congratulations TehYoyo. :slight_smile: You really deserve it! Keep it up!

Congratulation Yo . Good job .

Interesting that you got your name accidentally, mainly from a friend but mostly naming accidents can be good on the web.

An out-of-date female DS60 with added bad practices; now that could conjure bedtime nightmares for some youngsters and obviously slow learning. Anyway it’s usually a good sign that you want to be following a career path you enjoy than purely for the income or status incentives so congratulations.

Congratulations TehYoyo! Good to here about you:)

congratulations, TehYoyo