MaxRequestsPerChild & Concurrent connections for VPS Plesk

I know how to set up these values in apache configuration file, but I am confused as how to implement them for all domains and sub-domains in a VPS running Plesk. Which httpd.conf needs to be edited for these configuration?


Will it work for all sub-domains under the domain? or I need to add different conf files for sub-domains?

Thanks in advance for pointing in right direction.


Apache has three types of config files: One for the server, many for the VirtualHosts and even more for each directory. In the tradition of Lord of the Rings, the one file that rules them all is Apache’s httpd.conf (or 'nix version for your OS).

Because Plesk works at the VH level, you’ve got a lot of editing (one for each [sub]domain) to do - unless you can get your host to make changes to the server config file for you.

As for the per-directory config files (.htaccess), I don’t believe that they are able to alter these values but a look at the Apache core directives at can serve to correct me if I’m wrong (including whether these directives are even available to the VirtualHosts).