Maximum backlinks

Respected Sir,
Can you please provide me the information related to back links. In seo we make plenty of accounts in forums for back link, then we get the message spammer. what is the legal steps for getting back link from forums.

thanks a lot sir

It depends on the forum, so your first step should be to read the forum rules.

The only promotional links allowed on this forum are signature links, and they - like all external links on this forum - are nofollow, so they are ineffective as backlinks. (SitePoint forums will be moving to Discourse software soon, and there will then be no provision at all for signatures.)

If your purpose in signing up for forums is to gain backlinks, then it’s hardly surprising you’re being banned for Spamming. Forum owners want good quality content on their sites, not low-quality posts made simply for the purpose of link-dropping.

Don’t go so far, See the techno bear profile , How much posting he has done and upto 3 years he has spend on this forum.Having this he is able to post signature in all type of post. He must able to appreciate by myself. There is no use of to make unlimited forum profiles to get a back link on forums or social network . Until you won’t spend your time. In my opinion If you new in SEO, Get relevant few back links its better than 100 Relevant back links.