Max Link Dofollow

hallo guys.

i want to ask How many Dofollow link to other site maximal to affect our PR??

e.g : i have web page then i put 10 dofollow link to other site,that will affect my PR for future?my PR will DROP??


I think maximum of 100 outbound links on a webpage is that google recommend, so you better keep the number below, i ll get back to after research on it, because i am not sure about it right now.

we can make outbound link max 100??
i can’t remember but they said max outbound link must below max inbound link.
i didn’t sure too…
hufff…thanks danny

I thought the more links ,the better.There is no limit.

so many advice…
but i still not sure.
any expert advice?thanks

Make high PR do-follow back links for increase Page Rank.

There are no hard and fast rules to minimum and maximum,100 links to a page is a just a suggestion … There are pages out there with more than 100 links, and it isn’t an issue. If your page is sufficiently authoritative, Google is going to be interested in the pages that are being recommended by that page.

Hello Elyss… first of all … I would like to say that …you should not consider just the do follow links count but you need to take the consideration to which websites your giving the links hence if the website to which you are linking with you is of good authority value then there is no issue for having the linkback to and from them.

Answer to your question is, no one can tell you the exact number of links to improve the Page Rank of the website but 10 links are very less to consider. I think, you have to build at least 100-150 do-follow links from niche category and high PR sites for the website.

My suggestion to you is, only backlinks didn’t improve the Page Rank, you have to put efforts on other points to get a lift in the Page Rank of the website like:

  • Proper keyword stuffing
  • Content optimization
  • crawler friendly on-page SEO
  • Traffic generation.
    The above points with link building help you to increase the Page Rank of the website.

thanks jessica.

  • crawler friendly on-page SEO >>> How Do this ??? setup in robot tag???
  • Traffic generation. >>> LIke Social Bookmarking Right???


What’s the sign of the site that you can say that site is a do follow?

Hai Jose.
About Your Question Please Read Carefully my Post.
it’s will explain to you.

Hello Elly you know im a newbie and i want to learn how to defined a site. if that’s "no follow or "Do-follow

U can use nodofollow add ons in mozilla fire fox.
it will helping you out.

Can you give me the links therefore i can start a new lesson.

more than number it is the quality that counts. It is better to place links on 5 pr7 sites than getting 15 backlinks on pr4

There are chances that PR for your web page may decrease if you put on spam links, web pages that host links on home page, or the web page below your PR. Also, as mentioned by above people, number of outbound links should be below 100 to maintain the PR for your web page.

“The more links, the better” sounds like someone’s planning to put a lot of outbound links to other sites. Wouldn’t that look a lot like a link farm? I can’t give an exact number of how many outbound links you can make if you want to pass some link juice to other sites, but what I take note of is that it won’t look like some link farm. Just look at the blogs that have a lot of legit bloggers in their blogroll. Those count as outbound links, and I don’t think their PR’s dropping because of it.

I think, less then 5 links per a level-3 page and the less-the better for front and level-2. But really God only knows.