Mathjax not working

I have the following mathjax script to display mathjax/latex equation:
but it is not working anymore(the equation does not show anymore) and the all blog post tab shows a spinning around icon because there is forever transfer of between blogger and the cdnjs.cloudflare site.
I tried using another mathjax script
now the spinning icon is not there but still the equation does not show

does anybody know how to solve this problem?

thank you

I think you’ll need to show us the code that uses these scripts. A link to the scripts themselves doesn’t tell us much.

Have you checked the console to see what if any errors are being reported?

the equation mathjax/latex iss below:

Formula: \[F_{r}= \frac{1}{2\pi RC}\] 

the following is blog url:
the following shows screenshot:

the image shows the spinning of icon near webpage title
eventually, firefox takes large amount of memory and then the PC hangs…and i had to shut the browser

any help is appreciated, thanks

Instead of pulling in startup.js, try the following link and see if it helps…
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thanks a lot it worked.

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