Math on the Web solved?

One thing that always used to upset me about web pages was the extremely poor way that the web handled mathematical notation. There were a bunch of different ways of doing it, from building in LaTeX and posting as images, to using MathML, even using IE plugin’s to handle special code. Deep down, I’ve always resented Wikipedia for using images, especially because it wasn’t possible to copy and paste them into any programs I was using.

jsMath became a useful ally after a while and was always the best way to handle Math without having to create a bunch of silly objects. However, with HTML5 comes a brand-new way of handling Math; MathJax!

For me, MathJax is a complete game-changer for anyone that’s ever wanted to use Math on a web page. It handles both the ill-supported MathML and LaTeX code straight and represents it as beautiful, copyable equations in text. Finally, it works in all browsers, even IE6 and even with screen readers!

Hopefully I’m not the only person who is this excited about having a decent solution to Math on the web.

I wish I would have had this 3 years ago… Very handy.

Absolutely, hopefully this will pick up steam because in the next five years I don’t want to still have to read Math equations as images.