Match values under the same column


I would like to ask how can I match all values I obtained from a query in a new query?

e.g :
Task 1
// first query I use mysql fetch array to obtain all bookID that matches my search.
e.g : SELECT * FROM newBooks WHERE keyword = ‘computer’ AND new=‘Y’

Task 2
// how can I get all the bookID fetched from a while loop above and assign it to another new query where I can obtain another value from different table ?
e.g ; SELECT * FROM bookAuthor WHERE bookID = ‘All the bookID I obtained’

I can accomplish task 2 with a single query right? Please advise and thanks

you can accomplish both tasks with a single query

SELECT newbooks.title
     , newbooks.isbn
  FROM newBooks 
  JOIN bookAuthor
    ON bookAuthor.bookID = newBooks.bookID
 WHERE newBooks.keyword = 'computer' 
   AND = 'Y'