Match against & plurals

I’m doing a simple match against query against 3 fields, but I’ve noticed a problem when searching for plural words.

For example, if I search for “penguin” I get 3 results about penguins, but if I search for “penguins” I get one result–the one result from the 3 that has the plural form of the word. It really seems to be behaving as if it were a LIKE statement.

What I want to do, is have the search work for multiple forms of the word. I realize I could just add an “s” or take off an “s” and do an OR, but I don’t want it to work just for plurals, but for similar forms of the same word. Is there any way to make it less sensitive?

fulltext boolean search might be what you are after

Ahh, I think you’re right–I wasn’t aware that existed.

Thanks guelphdad!