Massice Bounce Rate Drop

I switched our company website to a new design and enabled ecommerce. Basically as soon as we did this, our bounce rate went from about 40% to 2%. Does this make sense? I am concerned there is something else wrong. It seems to good to be true. E-commerce sales picked up a little, but not huge.

Any idea what I should be looking at to determine if this is correct or not?

When I see bounce rates this low I assume there’s an issue with tagging duplication or an unintentional forced second pageview causing pages to double up. 2% is just beyond reasonable no matter how well designed the site and marketing are…

Yes, I read somewhere about the doubling up of the Google Analytics code. But we don’t have this.
At the end of the month we are switching to Magento. (currently on WordPress with WooCommerce) so we’ll see if that changes it back.

Not sure if it is ok to post the website url here as it is firearms related.

How many visitors are you getting? Has it changed since the relaunch?

Visitors have increased by quite a bit over the past few months. We launched some facebook ads, and went to a tradeshow. Traffic has doubled over the past 2 months.
The traffic that comes to the site is very targeted. I am not surprised by a low bounce rate. But this just seems too low. Can I PM you the url?

We switched to Magento, and the bounce rate went to about 30%. So it must definitely have had something to do with our WordPress setup…