Masonry scrollbars on item

Experimenting w/adding masonry to my wordpress theme.
I chucked some third party widgets from the us census. (At the bottom, right above the footer ) to test it out.
How can i get rid of the scroll bars on the grid-item. I tried overflow:hidden, but no luck.

The scrolbars are on the content in the iframe which I guess you don’t have access to.

Increasing the height of the iframe in the web inspector seems to make the scrollbar disappear so try giving the iframes a greater height may help.


overflow-y:hidden !important;

I don’t believe that will work as the scrollbars are not actually on that element but on the content within. (Unless I;m mistaken of course :smile: )

Hello all. Sorry, got sidetracked. I think i tried on the overflow. and no…shouldn’t be an issue w/the content itself, but will look.
thx all

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