Markup not converting to web page when saved

Hi everyone, currently reading my way through the “build your website the write way” book and I’m in chapter two, where I am learning about developing lists. After writing out my markup and proofreading it based on the code archive, I’m having trouble converting it to a non-text document (converting it to webpage format). To make sure I didn’t have a mistake in my markup I simply copy and pasted the markup from the archive onto my notepad, proceded to save it to my webpage folder encoding it with utf-8, yet it remains in text format when I go to open it and won’t open as a webpage.

Any ideas? Any help is much appreciated!

Are you trying to open your file in a browser? If so, which one?

Does the file have an “htm” or “html” suffix?

Does the file begin with a <doctype html> line and end with </html> ?

It might help if you describe you development environment.

I have both Chrome and IE, I was under the impression that when you save under the “utf-8” specification it converts your file to web format. That’s what it did the first time around anyways and it saved in chrome but not the second time around, it just saved as a document. By suffix do you mean file name? The document begins and ends with both of those elements.

What did you call the document? It should be something like index.html or index.htm. Then you can open it in a browser and it will be a webpage.

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The three or four letters that come after the period in the filename like: .htm or .html also known as a file extension, it tells you and the OS what type of file to expect and where and how to open it.
Some OS hide the extension by default, which I find very unhelpful, but you can change that behaviour.

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