Marking sentences/words in PDF books?

I’m basically studding from PDF books, since most of the books I need can’t be found in my native language.

So I had the idea to underline or emphasize words in any way to make them visually important and save the PDF file (just lie a real book), so that I can later return and see the marked parts as a reference.

Is there such an option?

I have to give Braveheart credit for one thing:
“Reality is not what it seems to be, nor is it otherwise.”

That line made me stop and think–and laugh, and ponder–for a full minute and a half before I got back to work.

I agree - almost certainly has a virus or trojan attached (or both). Such software is the primary source of zombie computers that the hackers take over to use for their DoS attacks.

Macedonia/third world country??!! I don’t think so. :smiley: Well, be that as it may, there don’t seem to be many people in my country who expect to get caught, either.

Are you sure? Adobe Reader is free, and most people have that, but Acrobat is a sister of Photoshop et al., and is similarly expensive. I don’t think you can highlight text with Reader, but Acrobat is a powerful program for creating and editing PDFs.

With Acrobat, you go to Tools > Comment & Markup > Highlight Text Tool.

There might be some other free PDF editing tools out there. Perhaps do a Google search.

Expensive, how come? I already have Adobe Acrobat, so it is like an extra payed feature?

You can do this if you have Adobe Acrobat, but it’s expensive.

You are right Molona, there is an option in Tools > Customize and then selecting a pencil tool. Unfortunately I checked for my particular book at Properties > Security, under “document restriction summary” it says that the commenting is not allowed. However this might b very useful in other books, where commenting is allowed.

@ralph.m, sometimes living in a third-world country has its benefits, as I can easily find a cracked version of famous softwares and not be sued by that :smiley:

I’d be hesitant to use a “cracked” (pirated) version of expensive software. Not so much because of legal issues, but there’s probably a reason its free. And the reason is most likely its infected.

IMHO its a much better idea to find a free version of free software and use that. There still may be “conditions” and “limitations” but if you look you should be able to find something.

You can do that in Adobe Reader if you’re allowed to comment on the file. The author is the one that gives permisions to that. Most of the authors don’t look into this feature though, and it is on by default. Give it a try and see if it works.