Marketing with Google Plus

Google+ is really important for businesses these days. I have a Google+ page but having really hard time in effectively promoting the page. Please let me know how I can market my services on the page. I know for a product based company it is really easy to promote but as a service based company, how do i market?

If you are creating useful and shareable content on your website, you should incorporate an official Google+ widget which Google+ users can follow your page immediately if they like the content on your website.

If you are looking at marketing your business or Google+ Page on the platform itself, try using the Communities feature and the search bar to find out status updates, discussions or users that are relevant to your business and add useful or valuable points to them.

One of the ways you can get started is to search for questions related to your business that are posted onto Google+. By providing a helpful answer to these questions, you are essentially establishing yourself as an authority on the subject matter and this will allow you to build trust among prospective customers that are on Google+.