Marketing strategy:-

Hello friends,

What would be your marketing strategy if someone gives you 15,000 $ per month?


I would buy stickers, ad space, and other cool marketing gifts

Yes, it depends on what your website needs. First invest some money in its design so it will keep the attention of the ones who see it, then invest in publicity: online, outdoor… Some money you may use for sponsorships of thematic congresses/conferences. So, a review: design and publicity.

hey Rohn,

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it depends on what you wanna do,
first of all , you have to advertise, secondly , keep some money to make event , that things gets you alot of activities, and the more times people stay on website, the best chance you have to increase sales and leads.
After, get a great design work and if you can , get affiliate with some companies.
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It depends on what result do you want from the advertising.
If you want a better ranking in Google, pay some SEOers to build backlinks and improve ranking.
If you want to bring more traffic to your site, then you might use the money on traffic building.