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I have SEO for my website but not SMO is SMO really that valuable, could this be why I’m not getting a consistent flow of traffic. Business is ok but I need it to be better. I want to come up with creative online marketing but I dont know anything about online marketing. My site is a adult dating site so it wont be accepted by adwords and such but, I do know we can be creative to get around those barriers. I would like to hire someone to help me with the marketing of my website to be successful but, I do not know where to start. <snip>

I would say its better to go with innovative SMO strategy. If you are talking about online marketing, SEO is not the only form to use. Based on purpose you can use different online marketing platform too. And now a days SMO are playing crucial role in building relationship with customer. With SMO you can create your own customer based, interact with them, take advice and implement new strategy. Kind of business you do, innovative SMO will definitely help you.

I think a combination of SEO, SMO and Paid traffic is the key. Once you’ve got $500 to $1000 to test paid marketing with, you can reliably create, test and refine profitable ad campaigns.

Where did you get that idea? Adwords does not place any restriction on adult dating sites. Individual AdSense publishers can choose to block such sites, but only a few small proportion of them do so.


Adult dating site no problem you can optimze your site you can use Social network also you can use PPC except Islamic countries you can do it freely , I seen so many site on Adword tool google must allow you contact to PPC team and ask for a short time before I seen there zoosk it also a Adult site

Online Marketing is not just search engine related stuff, not just SEO or Adwords, you can use Social Media, Email to a list, (which sources of database you can get is depend on you), or you can looking for some website with the same topics or subjects, forum seeding could be another channel.

Are you trying advertise on website ???
Seeking your similar content website and ads on that site . Or you can using Google AdSense or something like that to ads .
Not only that you can using marketing on social such as : facebook with page , twiter , … of creat some app on phone

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