Marketing for Real Estate Software

Additional Marketing Strategies

The Product: Real Estate Script

We have been using Adwords and Hotscripts advertising and it seems ok, but I would like to expand marketing since we released new product and we are one of the best real estate solutions in the market. In sense we need to hit realtors and web designers who might need real estate script for their clients. We are also in the process of creating reseller/affiliate option. Before we get to specific question there are few things to cover:

  • Each script is licensed to a specific domain. It could set on IP and number of instances on certain IP
  • Our licensing software has ability to resell licenses.
  • Our clients are mostly web developers looking for immediate solution.
  • We also offer hosted solution with ready to go installed software on our servers. All automatic upon purchase.

What we are looking is advice on alternative marketing strategies. What could be another way to reach real estate companies? Newsletter campaign? Should we house our own affiliate system or use Clickbank and similar programs which might cause problems with licensing? Adwords keywords are extremely competitive when it comes to real estate business. Your thoughts?

It could be approached many ways.
One way to think is marketing at places where the realtors hang out. Real estate community forums would be a great place to start with.

SEO is a great long term marketing strategy.

Just some quick thoughts.

Thanks webcosmo. I appreciate your input.