Marketing Advantages of Integrating Tweets into Application

I wrote an application which allows users to create fantasy football player rankings online. When users create these rankings, they want the most recent data possible as injuries/arrests/etc happen often during the preseason.

One way to provide up-to-the-minute data is to integrate tweets about players into the application. I have experimented with this but have found simply searching for player names using the Twitter API does not yield the best results as you get a lot of garbage and useless Tweets.

I was thinking of making an offer to only certain Twitter users (beat writers, NFL news feeds, others that are reliable) whereby if they mention my Twitter handle in the tweet I will post those tweets into my application for the respective player. This would:

  • Make searching easier and faster as I would only have to search for my mentions.
  • Allow me to populate relevant and useful content into the application.
  • Get some exposure through Twitter through many mentions


  • Is this type of arrangement common?
  • Would the ability to integrate their tweets into an application be enough motivation for prominent Twitter users to use this feature? Or would they need more incentive?