Market Share

I read Sitepoint’s article about browser shares.

Safari holds an astonishing 6 percent of the market. Why is it so little? Do that many Mac users use an alternate browser? I think that one of the main reasons that IE commands so much of the market share is because it is the default on an extremely popular OS…why not the same for Safari? It’s truly astonishing in my opinion. It’s not like Safari has bad support, either.


Well, in my opinion my personal best of chrome.
It makes sense that IE is the top of the list because of windows. Also I have a family member that still somehow uses AOL 9.0.
As for Safari, I’m not a huge fan of it so I dont use it (At all) but again this is my personal view.

Sorry its garbled and all but I’m sure you get it.

I’ve always wondered this too, TehYoyo. If Mac’s are so popular, why isn’t Apple’s Safari popular too? Perhaps people are downloading and installing Chrome instead? Or an alternative browser? I don’t know, but I use Safari for Web browser compatibility testing and honestly it’s quite an annoying browser to use, so it isn’t surprising for me really.

I welcome other opinions as well, it’s an interesting thought.

But, at the same time, I could say the exact same thing for Internet Explorer!

Here’s some more statistics to throw into the fray:

According to, Apple OS have 13.5% of the market share (which is, in my own opinion, quite astonishing), whereas Windows holds a cumulative 78% of the market share (7, Vista, XP). According to the article that I mentioned earlier, IE holds a total of Internet Explorer controls 35.75% of the market share. That means that a little less than half of the users of Windows are using Internet Explorer. Which makes sense if you extrapolate for Apple (13.5/2=6).

But the main issue is this: Internet Explorer is notorious (at least among web people) for their support, but Apple has perfectly good support (as a webkit browser). Why is Safari as low as Internet Explorer? Personally, I don’t have a problem with Safari.