Markdown Processing in Ruby

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Markdown is a fantastic markup language that compiles into HTML. Although its original implementation was written in Perl, Markdown has been ported into multiple languages with various features. We’re going to focus on 4 Ruby implementations of Markdown: kramdown, maruku, rdiscount, and redcarpet.

Processing Markdown in Ruby

Obviously, we should install these gems first, so gem install kramdown maruku rdiscount redcarpet. This may take a little bit of time because both RDiscount and Redcarpet use C extensions for faster processing speed.
This also means that, if your Ruby interpreter doesn’t support C extensions, you won’t be able to use RDiscount or Redcarpet. I’m looking at you, JRuby.

For our processing needs, we’ll use the Markdown from John Gruber’s Markdown syntax page saved to

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As the Maruku maintainer, I have to point out that it does support tables, but I agree that you should use something else. Kramdown is my favorite because it's pure-Ruby and well-built, but Redcarpet is very nice too.

Ah, that's my mistake @bhollis. I'll make sure that it gets corrected.

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