MariaDB v MySQL

Since Xampp will be using (alongside I hope) MariaDB, I just want to know, that since MariaDB has been out for about 6 years, is there anyone using MariaDB? If so, is there any differences in the syntax and queries compared to MySQL, or is it just the same?

I don’t use MariaDB but standard SQL should work with little (if any) changes.

All databases use SQL differently because they adapt it and expand it to make the most of their engines and therefore claim to be the fastes and best database in the world. Yet, standard SQL should work in all of them although sometimes you do need to change one or two things (maybe the name of a function has changed or something) but most of the time queries will work just fine

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We made the switch to MariaDB and it was painless, it installs over MySQL.
All of our queries worked fine.
I say give it a try and roll back if you have issues.

One difference I know is that, although I believe they said they’d be deprecating it or something, the Sphinx Search Engine was a default engine option in Maria (whereas in MySQL you have to go out and find and install it)

Deprecating “it”? What it???

If you are referring to MySQL, I think you are confusing mysql_connect() etc which is being deprecated in favour of mysqli_connect() and not the database storage system

The Sphinx Search Engine being built-in. Currently, in MariaDB you can choose your search engine and Sphinx is one of them. But I read on the Sphinx doc pages that they are planning to remove or replace it.

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