Margin problem - need xhtml coding pls

Hey guys,

I’ve been working on my first site and ran into a problem with the margins on my navigation section.

If you look at this page:
Your Privacy

As you can see the navigation on the right is all wrong. This happened when I added the Amazon carousel widget on almost all of my pages except for this page and the “About” page.

I don’t want to touch the CSS file so I don’t screw up the other pages. What xhtml code can I add so the alignment is right?

Thank you!

The markup would benefit from being put through the ‘W3C Validator’ first you have things like closing BODY before the content ends. Positioning is the task for CSS not XHTML.

Actually the inserted objects you mention I cannot see. Because my firewall blocks them but I suspect you are referring to the space below ‘OOH LA LA…’ and it not aligning with the lower navigation.

Thank you for the suggestions.

I hope to put my website through W3C…eventually :slight_smile:
Thanks for the remainder.

The sooner you validate, the better. It pays to catch the errors now and change them before you really get a lot of content on your site.