March shout-out: What's the biggest secret that you've ever hidden from your mother?

Yeah, until you get the call for the 4th time this week that the scanner isn’t working and they need you to come over and figure it out. :rolleyes:

Or until they call you at 3AM claiming their PC is broken only to find out (when you arrive) that they had left a floppy disk in the drive, tried booting (non-bootable disk) and they say “I didn’t want to touch anything because I couldn’t find the ANY key in order to continue”… true story. :slight_smile:

Floppy disk? Hahaha. I wasn’t around for the disks that were actually floppy. 5.25" or something like that. Always confused me as to why they called those things floppy.

Never had the ANY key situation. I’m not sure I could have handled that. (:

You can tell them that you will check what you can do when you will get time or something like that. or you can ask them(on phone) to check everything is proper or not like cable is connected or not etc.

If you really feel like to help someone, you will do it eventually. No matter how much pain you have to take it to help them. :slight_smile:

I’m glad someone finally got it. :slight_smile:
(I’m also glad you’re not 30 years older; I wouldn’t want to cause you to have a stroke! :eek:)

Thanks to teamviewer I must not to go to my relatives…

my mom didnt realize when i swap her laptop RAM & HD with mine

When I had my first boyfriend. secret relationship

That i fed her dog a glass of single malt whiskey … the poor thing stumbled around drunk as a skunk :lol:

that I wear speedos.

That I nearly drowned one time while taking pictures along some river rapids. She would have freaked for sure.

Amazing…Does her computer slowing down ? She doesn’t realize…it’s not fair, anyway :slight_smile:

Can’t think of any secrets I’ve kept from my mum, but I did go bungy jumping on the morning of the day I got married, without telling my wife-to-be.

The plan was to keep it a secret for as long as possible, but it was my mum who accidentally let it slip at the reception that night. My wife was a bit shocked (she would have been furious and no doubt would have tried to stop me) but it was a happy day and I obviously made it through safely, so she wasn’t mad at me for long :smiley:

The really good secrets I can’t tell here :mad:, but … I guess a big secret I’ve kept from my mom is … that I go out to my girlfriends at 1/2 in the morning and I’m ultra quiet about it.

My dad hears so much though…almost gotten caught a few times :p.

When I was a girl I loved skating on the iced over lake in town. Spring had arrived and the ice was covered by water already. I slushed through it enjoying the weird feel, when I broke through the ice and fell into the lake water, right in the middle of the lake. I was able to hold onto the edge of the ice (oh was it cold) and some guys pulled me out. Wet as a poodle though. I ran really fast to my grandmother’s place, she helped me dry up and gave me hot chocolate to warm up again. We never told my mother, she would have worried in the future when I wanted to skate again.

:rofl: :rofl:

Nothing about me is hidden from my Mom.

That’s amazing ! :slight_smile:

And true.

And you know, many things she already knew before I informed her.

Impossible to keep anything hidden from my mother. My father on the other hand, both mum and I used to hide stuff from him.
Like that I had left school and got a job, didn’t tell him until I got my first pay check.

:smiley: Still makes me smile :smiley: