Map out URL structure?

Not sure where this might better fit, but anyways as part of a major revamp of a website I need to go ahead and put the URL structure out in diagrams.

Is there a good tool to help map out the structure of a website? I was thinking a mind map… any good free software? Is there a better way to lay it out?

cute, isn’t it.

or this

Or perhaps one of these

The first link looks like it could be used internally - but perhaps that’s the part I forgot.

This is strictly internal for everyone from the SEO to the marketing to the dev team to all be on board and understand what content and pages live where

Unfortunately the base css doesn’t go very many levels deep, I definitely go beyond the yellow 3-levels deep in the URL! And I could rework it but it’d be messy CSS :frowning:

Matt’s Slickmap is definitely not for sites with lots of levels. It handles three down well, after that it does not, as you’ve discovered. I’m not fond of Chris’s JQuery map because he grays it out far too much before mouseovers reveal the definitive content (of course, that’s an easy fix). Lots of nice goodies on the Queness site.

Anything non-web-based… perhaps a desktop app that I can play around with visually, maybe generate a PDF, etc…

Kind of basic but why not Visio?

Two reasons I think:

  1. I’ve never used it… heh
  2. I don’t have it installed as part of my office…

Do you have the Office CD to install it?

Here are some open source alternatives

Why not “smartart” in ms word?