Many pages, 1 form. Pass page reference to the form


I have many pages on a website, each with a reference number. I want a single page with a form on that takes the reference number from the page before (that was clicked to access the form page).

How do I pass the reference number to a form? I DO NOT WANT TO USE PHP on the many pages. I do not mind using PHP for the form page.

Is there a way I can use ‘POST’ HTML coding? This would pass the reference number to the web form?

Any ideas?


While on your page with the reference number, modify the URL that calls the form page by adding the reference number after a “?” character. For example formPage.htm?12345. Javascript on the form page can then extract the reference number from the form page URL and populate your form.

Sounds good. Do you know the Javascript code I would need to use to populate the form?