Many cells in horizental

I have 2 webpages.

They are same but text is different.
The text of the 1st webpage is ‘cell’ at
The text of the 2nd webpage is ‘data’ at

(Each webpage has 2 tables.
The 1st table has 5 cells.
The 2nd table has 50 cells.)

Why is the line of the each cell disappeared at the 2nd page of the 2nd webpage while the line of the each data is shown at the 2nd table of the 1st webpage?

(The text ‘cell’ and ‘data’ are value. values can be different.
The layOut should be same in looking although value is different.

I like to make many cells in horizental and the black line to be shown although horizental scroll bar is shown.)

When you did a find/replace using your text editor, you replaced the words “cellspacing” and “cellpadding” with “dataspacing” and “datapadding”. You need to fix that and they’ll be the same.

Yes, that’s right. How foolish I am!

I still think you should use CSS for the black line. See your other thread.

yes…if you use CSS it will help a lot…It will help you to representing the text in better format…