Many ads or 1 ad unit?

What is best for a site? Displaying numerous ad units (both above and below the fold) per page or 1-2 ad units?

What is your favorite website and don’t say Google?

it varies from one site to another but for me i have 3 ads per page

Why not try each possibility for a while and see which brings in the most money for you. For some sites adding extra ad units will bring in extra income while for others it will drive visitors away and lower the income.

That’s a great idea, there’s this new company called YouEye that I just signed up for they have people test you page they are going into Beta now but maybe in the future they can help you.

I agree with what felgall said.
Also I add: the idea is more to have a clean site. A client will search for the ad if he want’s to click it. But it depends on you traffic. If it’s bulk go with as many ads as possible. If it’s targeted go with simple 1 block ad.

1 good ad is always the best option

An ad section that is above the fold and is the only section available. It must have at least 3-4 ad copies in it.

Displaying too much ads are always annoying for a site visitor and it can hamper your overall site’s beauty.However I am always stick with displaying 2 ad units.One is link ad unit and a banner ad unit.

I don’t think there is a definite answer to this.

One ad unit can me much more obtrusive than a few small ones - an easy example of a pop-up comes to mind.

It’s all in the smart design and smart placement of your ads - ad blocks, placed correctly, may even help you break-down the content on your page into more readable blocks.

It depends on what you are wanting to achieve from your site in my opinion. I am a firm believer in one purpose for each page as choice is paralyzing or distracting to a visitor.

If your sole purpose is to generate adsense money then I would say 3 ads. If your goal is to get people to sign up for a newsletter for example then no ads at all etc etc

Not necessarily correct.

With some ads paying more than others you might make a lot more money by displaying fewer higher paying ads rather than more ads including lots of lower paying ones. You’d need to test it to find out what works best for a particular page.